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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
What do you guys think - how large is the influence of space traits on a space or ground battle? Obviously, everything else being equal, the selection of the space traits will tip the balance - but by how much? Will a team with 4 space traits each always defeat a team with no space traits, in a space battle? How about teams with 3 ground and 1 space trait vs 4 space trait-teams?
Quite simple really, if you forgot 1 trait and it could be better, it could be better. If you neglect more of the aspects you can possible improve, then you will definately begin to notice, (or not, if you dont know any better)

I've always been for maxed out everything on my build, bad retraits, i simply releveled. Back in the days. And I still do it. Leveling a new sci toon, if you make a bad start, then why the hell bother optimize the rest of your build later.

If you dont have accurate nor elusive, thats basically a 20% accuracy difference. (or whateveR)

Just my 2 cents.