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Please believe me when I say it causes resentment and frustration unless handled exceedingly well and that its "proven" by player min/maxers (not devs) that indeed its all equal... Unless you want a bonus but on a different faction.....then you go straight to frustration and resentment. I honestly do not feel Cryptic (or indded most Dev studios) is capable of such the balancing act required to make it work, much less that it would be satisfactory to the player base even if perfectly balanced.
Yeah... generally, players are the reason we can't have anything nice

Balance is hard enough even if both sides are the same. If they're not (like, Starcraft, fighting games, etc), its even harder. SC was getting balances patches for YEARS to get it where it is

And, really, there are gamers who simply love to break the engine - its a mental challenge, like a game, and they have fun doing it. No game survives contact with gamers. One of my good friends loved breaking fighting game engines (he's a former tournament player) - taking a game purported to be balanced and breaking the thing was a joy for him. Hell, it was fun watching him do demonstrations and like like, too ^_^
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