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Originally Posted by kagurazaka77 View Post
Maybe what he meant to say, then, is that it would take a year using (to borrow a term from baseball and the infield fly rule) 'ordinary effort'.
If I wanted to I could take Starbase 001 to tier 4 by myself - but what's the point? The thing was just a insane project to see if I could make tier 3. Frankly I find the whole starbase thing a complete waste of resources for anything under 50 people. In fact the starbase is for the most part completely UNLESS! - It has almost zero funtionallity that could not be done elsewhere and the cost of the ships you get are crazy - just taking into account the fact they are Character only - not even taking into account the billions of lost EC and millions of dilth - to get tier 3 completed is over 3 million dilth(equilivant) - not including those mostly garbage cosmentic "special" projects

that's almost 20,000 zen - or 8 c-store T5 starships

So for me solo-ing it stops at Tier 3 - once completed -( it's behind schedule as i was expecting end of Sept but just got tied of the fast pace and cut back) I will be taking on up to 10 people who would like to waste their time and resources with me to take it to tier 4 - and possibly tier 5 if they change the requirements.

Its' purely a starbase project as i have no interest in managing or being in a "fleet" doing things with others at this point in the game. After 2700 hrs of gameplay I stick to doffing and the odd STF now.