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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
I think the mirror vorcha removes the tac ENS slot, turns it sci. That's unacceptable, sadly. You need more tac slots on the ship as it is!

However, it IS an easy and fast way of testing out the ship, in general. Just know the full vorcha might be a bit better in the firepower department.
I was running a mirror vor'cha until I upgraded to the fleet version, love both immensely. The character who flies them is an Eng so I am sure that improve survivability, but fantastic ships.

BoP are great too, run one with my Gorn Sci captain, who just recently switched to a temporal science vessel. I loved the Hegh'ta and being able to exit combat swap officers arround, then come back with an entirely different ship.

I usually ran my BoP with Commander Sience, Lt commander engineer, and the other two officers as Tactical. That gave me GW3, vent warp plasma, and the ability to repeatedly use Cannon and Torpedo abilities. Everything else was geared to survival, and healing, including the ability to heal allies if needed. In addition to having Miracle Worker.

Oh, and of course buy a Disruptor Defense System off the exchange.