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Originally Posted by orondis View Post
There are a number of reasons which cause Fed pugs to suck so bad.

1 - The majority of players are fans of the show and it's highley likely the cruiser is their fave type of ship. So they fly it. The problem is that in STO, Fed cruisers suck at DPS compared to escorts and you'll sometimes need more then one escort to crack even an escorts shields. Cruisers? Ha, not a chance.

2 - Tanking in PvE is ridiculously easy, even on elite difficulty. As such new players will rarely ever develop the tanking/healing that is required in PvP. Some don't even know what tac team does, which is like the must have tanking skill for PvP.

3 - Similar to point 2, NPCs generally don't tank, meaning poor unoptimized builds will have little trouble handling them. Heck even a VA in a T2 cruiser can take out VA NPCs, with no buffs.

4 - Similar to point 1, KDF players will generally pick their fave ship from the show which is mostly the Bird of Prey or the Vorcha. So on one side you've got people flying badly setup non-damage "tanks" that need a number of buffs to make work, while on the otherside you got battle cloakable alpha striking ships anyone with half a brain can fly. It's tickle beam arrays vs death dealing dual heavy cannons. In the end this results in inoffensive sitting duck targets that new players can blow up with ease.

5 - Point 4 pretty much means that average Fed pugs instantly have their backs against the wall when klinks decloak. Their thinking is "omg omg omg I'm gonna blow up" saving their meager heals for themselves (or are too focused on trying to do damage with their poor setups). Meanwhile the average klink pug has very little to worry about and as such they're calm and have plenty of heals to spare.

While the KDF does have overall better pugs then fed side, this isn't the only reason they win so much. A large portion is that the KDF simply matches peoples expectations when it comes to Star Trek. Certainly there are a lot of bad klink pugs out there, it's just the ship they're flying matches their focus.
1: A proper built cruiser tac wise anyway can and will burn down an Escort, sometimes inside out. Also in a Team setting, you're easily going to be able to roast people.

2: true

3: also true

4: Anyone can huh? Really? I take it you don't actually play with either ship.

5: More like the average Klink player mentality is, "I'm going to go murder someone" while the average fed is "I AM JIM KIRK OMG NOOO MY **** MY **** " The average fed, is an rping face roll hero. the average KDF or rather Old Average KDF is a hardened pvper. I can't say much for brand new KDF, since they not only have pve missions.. but every mission has had ban fanfiction style writing and excecution along with forced RP Elements, which is bound to attract more Alexanders.