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10-06-2012, 05:29 PM
I have noticed the following in Cure Space Elite. For starters:
Both my characters, Sci-Tac use escorts.
Threat control skill is 0 (hope i remember the name correct)

I noticed and tried the following more than 20 times (both characters, different equipment). The first time i noticed it was while I was killing BoP and accidentally attacked 1 probe. The cube did not shoot back so I continued firing and got at the distance 2km just below the cube. Notice that I had not activated any tactical team or attack pattern, only cannon rapid fire, high yield and beam overload, nothing that attacks more than 1 target, nothing that heals. When i did the cube fired. When another team member approached the cube fired at him and then at me.

Ever since, I leave my pack and go destroying the probes alone(plus the BoP in my side). Am I lucky or there is another way? (and I hoped that i did not just reported a bug )

So any guru in STF Cure can confirm or try it maybe.