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10-06-2012, 06:45 PM
When I started my quest about a month ago to get the Mk XII MACO sets (both space and ground) before the launch of Season 7, I never would have guessed that IGE would be the one giving me the most trouble.

And yet here I am, trying to get the Mk XII PSG after having braved Armek and the boss of KAGE with no trouble at all. But IGE?

over my past 5 runs Ive either had groups that just havent been able to deal with the last room or Ive been hit with crippling lag right before the end and I dont get the loot at all.

On top of that it seems like this STF has a lower drop rate for its proto tech than the other two. Of course I cant prove it, but it feels lower... as even when I was running the other two I would occasionally see people getting those ptoto techs, but I never see it in IGE.

Is it just me?