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Predestination. No matter how badly people screw up the timeline, it's pretty trivial to get it back in line with no visible effect on the future. Actually more to the point, it's not trivial to set it back but you don't actually have to set it back, because you already screwed it up and you're already going to fix it. All the hand wringing is dramatics, the very fact that they're still there to worry about it means they have nothing to worry about - if they did, Kirk's irresponsible use of time machines would have already destroyed at least two universes.

Kirk pulling a scientist out of her field was one thing, but Sisko killed a prominent historical figure, took his place, stammered out his lines from the history books (not knowing how accurate those accounts actually were), and then disappearing did nothing except change the picture in the history books. Oh, and two ships from the future doing spectacular battle in low orbit on the eve of First Contact, and yet not only did nobody remember it (Cochrane may have been dismissed as a drunk, but the other people near the launch site can't be so easily dismissed, and the explosion would have been visible far away - not to mention the reentry as a massive alien ship crashes into Antarctica), but the Vulcan ship that detected the Phoenix failed to notice the much larger and more powerful ship departing under its nose.

Heck, Yesterday's Enterprise: In three different timelines, despite changes massive enough to alter the fundamental nature of the Federation and the political balance of the entire quadrant, the Enterprise-D still managed to find itself in the same place at the same time for the same reason with the same crew and the same people on the bridge (Tasha Yar being the only difference). Also, everything in the mirror universe. No matter how far things in that universe have departed from the prime universe, the same people are in the same ships, usually in the same places doing similar things.

Even most of the things in Q's artificial future came to pass - the Negh'var rolled off the assembly line a few years later, some of the changes made to the Enterprise appeared on Galaxy class ships during the Dominion War, the uniforms appeared in no less than three futures despite multiple massive tinkering with the timeline.

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