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10-06-2012, 09:52 PM
I was using the vorkang/vorcha-refit for a long time. God, I loved that ship. Very nimble compared to fed cruisers of the same range. Yesterday I upgraded it to the fleet version and I'm even more in love with this bird. I can almost die and immediately return to almost 90% health with all shield up!!

Borg NPCs hate me a lot cos of the threat I generate just because of the damage this one does. (though I haven't spec'ed very much on threat) . I keep getting aggro but can hold it quite well cos I've spec'ed in armor and shields. So in STFs I manage to hold the borg attention while the rest of the team eliminates the main targets.

The best part; you can equip cannons on this one and still manage to pound away (I run a cannon front/ turret back build with a BNeural and Quantum Torp setup). Though I'm certain I can never outmaneuver a BoP, it still beats fed cruisers any day

If you want very "klingony" feel while having good survivability and being able to make feds with their cruisers immensely jealous get a Vorcha (Refit/fleet) Best ship for engineers IMHO.
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