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10-06-2012, 11:27 PM
Originally Posted by banzaizap View Post
Well, if you're planning on a GravWell, maybe Transphasic torps may serve better. Since a recent patch, close to 80% of the damage is getting past shields, so their shields is no longer an issue. If you went for a Drain build with Tyken's Rifts, then their shields would be dropping enough that harder hitting torps would be more effective. For me, plasma's proc just doesn't hit/damage enough to be reliable for heavy targets (like those Neghvars), and I hate letting my target shoot down my torpedos!
I'd missed the buff to Transphasics. However he 80% is only to mines, Torpedo's are at 40%. None to shaby. Depends on the numbers for my Torpedo's in burn rate, but might be worth a switch, I'll hae to have a look when I get home
1x Mad idea: 3x Cannons up front 3X Transphasic mines in the rear. Straffing run with gravity well and then a cloud of Transphasic mines...