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Originally Posted by ariseabove View Post
For Klingons its easy well sort of, it comes in the form of a Doff mission so its really pot luck if you get a X, XI or XII and they are bound so no selling or trading but I can't rem if they are account bound or character bound.

As for the Federation somebody else will have to confirm this but I believe if you select the Story Mission and crank it up to Elite difficulty it should give you the MK XII as a reward but you must be re-playing the mission on lvl 50.

I've done the doff mission countless times and only received MKXI purples, the wikipedia says that there is no MKXII, but I'll give Doomsday mission a try on elite to see if you can get a MKXII.

I like using the torpedo, use it combined with a volley of with a quantum high yield 3 or using it just to get people to prematurely use their hazard emitters.
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