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Hello everyone I'm 700+ player and I've noticed a few things that just don't sit well with me.
Especially sense I pay for my access.

My grip is with the STF Leaver Penalty. Sure this is nice and all but it needs to be redesigned to make exceptions.

When you get disconnected in an STF, it still gives you a penalty if you can't get back on just in time to rejoin. - This happens about once or twice a month for me.

Paid subscription users should NEVER get a Penalty. We could just stop giving you money. I know I am leaning in that direction.

When the Secondary Objective is failed, anyone leaving the STF should never get the Penalty. Using my self as an example, I only play those now for the secondary so what's the point of staying with a group of Pugs who keep dying, falling in the soup, or who can't guard a transformer?

I have other things I'm angry about, like having to open 100 lock boxes to get the special ship inside, it's too high, but that is for another time.