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10-07-2012, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by doublehappydog View Post
After the finale of the mission I'm prompted to "leave the system and return to my ship" (also; that I've done everything in the area). But upon doing so, I find myself back in sector space being asked if I want to START the mission. I try to hail Starfleet and it's like I had never played through it at all, but I still have all the items I had collected throughout (sans the end rewards which are never offered). Also; my bridge assignments are all off and one engineering station is left unmanned altogether. Is there a way to properly finish this mission, something I'm missing? Or, is this a bug, and I should just skip it? I've played through it three times already and gotten the same result each time.

Same here bro. This is the second STO mission I've been unable to complete due to system's glitches (I've just had to restart 'Night of the Comet' all over again).