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10-07-2012, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by freedumb4eva View Post
...and when is the nerf coming for stacking mitigation and heals?

Nerfing the sub nuc doff without tampering with the mitigation/heals in the game is ridiculous.

Then there is literally no chance of getting through heals/buffs without a sci on the team and waiting for the CD on sub nuc and hoping to alpha strike through twitch reactions of healers...

I guess PVP in STO just isn't for me then. It has become less about skill and more about who can remove buffs or who can apply the most buffs, imo.

The reason that the doff was added was likely due to the ridiculous heals and buffs that are available. There is no other recourse against them for Tactical Captains.
You fix healing balance in this game by fixing healing balance in this game. While i agree that healing in this game needs a balance pass, introducing one broken mechanic to fix another broken mechanic isnt the solution.

If a nerf to doffs (which you apparently don't even own) is all its going to take for you to stomp your feet and quit pvp'ing...then I guess we won't be seeing you around then...