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10-07-2012, 08:20 AM
yes this would be cool, but lets be honest, it is just not happening...because of technical issues listed above already.

as i see it a t2 base, even if it seemed much work, in reality is not really that much compared to t3, t4, t5. and if you consider that it is only a quarter of the actual fleet progression, this becomes very clear.
merging 2 lvl 6 fleet is still early enough...even t8 is early enough. after that it is easier to just recruit new people.

so if you desire to merge 2 t2 fleets, just pick the one slightly more advanced.

also many fleets where already smart enough to merge before season 6 went live, if you havent figured out that building fleetbases is a massive resource sink before hitting fleetlevel 11, it is not cryptics job to fix that.
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