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10-07-2012, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
You intentions are all valid. But, the SNB Doffs are not contributing anything positive to pvp. They merely exasperate the problem.

The doffs and balance in most areas of the "pvp game" are problematic at best.

The classes are too few, the abilities too narrow and in combination only result in cookie-cutter builds.

The devs fix one problem only to unbalance something else, and the cycle repeats itself.

It is too easy and quick to spot the next, sure "thing" that is to be OP in the game and players enmass to respec for it.

Also, look at a game like EVE. There is so much happening in terms of weapons, consoles, abilities, ship types etc etc that to find that perfect build is arduous and something to feel proud of achieving.

In STO, it has nothing to do with that. Anyone, irrespective of skill becomes a hero.
That is exactly my point, those people asking for a nerf to SubNuc DOFF without asking for a look at the OVERALL PROBLEM are just causing more people to not be able to kill the unkillable targets.