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Originally Posted by falloutx23 View Post
You fix healing balance in this game by fixing healing balance in this game. While i agree that healing in this game needs a balance pass, introducing one broken mechanic to fix another broken mechanic isnt the solution.

If a nerf to doffs (which you apparently don't even own) is all its going to take for you to stomp your feet and quit pvp'ing...then I guess we won't be seeing you around then...
You are 100% missing the point and probably not reading my posts then.

Nerfing the SubNuc DOFFS is nerfing the bandaid to the healing/mitigation problem thereby causing the original problem to inflate.

SubNuc DOFF cannot and should not be nerfed until healing has been balanced BECAUSE SubNuc DOFF was inserted into the game to bandaid the healing issue.

The side-effect is that targets who are not being bombarded with healing and mitigation are helpless and just get aced.

SubNuc DOFF was NOT the solution to be added to PVP. Healing and mitigation in PVP is out of control, but probably balanced against ELITE BORG STF... this is a major problem and the BANDAID SubNuc DOFF does not fix it.

Yet, nerfing the bandaid makes the problem in PVP worse.

I would really like to know with all of the money put in to this game, WHY isn't there a larger effort to bring balance to PVP... the only conclusion, there is no DESIRE to do so... in which case /quit PVP

PVP in STO seems to have been, from the onset, something tacked onto a specifically PVE oriented game that pacifies the potential outcry of, "WHAT!? No PVP???" This leads to my outcry of, "WHAT!? This is your idea of PVP???"

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