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10-07-2012, 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Unfortunately, if they do that...all people have to do is fake a dc to get away from a bad team and get to a new team with no hour cool down.

Staying if they can't complete the secondary is the luck of the draw, if you want to be sure your going to complete it you need to build a group.
Fake a DC? All they need to do on Crypics end is detect when a player gets DC by a time out. It's when it stops responding.

There is a way to determine when there is no response via time out then there is via lost connection.

Far as building a good group, that's not possible under the circumstances. My fleet and friends just aren't literally able to sign on during my hours and the people who are online don't speak a bit of English at all period and if they do it's not well enough to understand instructions.