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10-07-2012, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by freedumb4eva View Post
SubNuc DOFF cannot and should not be nerfed until healing has been balanced BECAUSE SubNuc DOFF was inserted into the game to bandaid the healing issue.

you really believe that? So they made a subnuc doff and couldnt simply adjust the healing in this game a bit? Cmon. Rediculous statement.

Its a solution yes, but a very crappy solution, no crappy PvPer really gets better by using them, pvp is more then equipping effective chance based factors to your ship in order to gain yourself a nice advantage.

Adding anything chance based with such a powerful effect (simply adding the best science captain skill to your build at random activation) is just stupid and won't add to the value and integrity of PvP, there could've been other solutions.