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10-07-2012, 10:19 AM
Regarding Transphasics, Grav well, e.t.c

The problem here isn't the skills being used on the freighter. it's hull heal power in general.

1. Sheild heal's are nearlly allways paired wit tac team which is a straight up 4X multiplier on the total effectivness of the heal.

2. Sheild heals apply a -X% incoming damage modifer, Hull heals add resistance rating, due to diminishing returns this means that in practise ships being sheild heald see their sheild damage reduced by half or more compared to hull damage.

3. Extend Sheilds is vastly more powerful than any hull heal. Now true there's no direct hull heal equivelent, but the result is to take the previous 2 elements and magnify them several fold.