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Originally Posted by soriedem View Post
I'm happy to see so many klingon missions being developed. However, I'd like to remind Brandon, that KDF Foundry does not allow us to use doors in the Deferi, Cardassian or the Romulan sectors. Missions that focus on those series, will need to use doors located elsewhere. (Pi Canis, Eta Eridani, and Omega Leonis) are the only sector blocks currently with doors for the KDF. Players should be informed of this foundry limitation so not to ding missions for not using the normal door for those missions.

And, since we're on the topic, what's the status of opening up these sector blocks to the KDF Foundry Missions? I'm sure I'm not the only one that is wondering about this.
This is something I considered when making the challenge, but I know our KDF Foundry authors are resourceful and would come up with something to make it work I was in the editor the other day and was looking at KDF door options and I saw the Orellius was an option. Is it not?

As for more sectors, this was touched on recently in the latest Priority One KDF interview for the question you asked:
Q: Soriedem: Klingon Foundry missions are limited to two sector blocks. There is a definite lack of doors in any of the other areas of the galaxy. When will the Empire be released from these restrictions and be able to truly go out into the galaxy and explore strange new worlds?

STO Dev Team: This is a great point to raise! Currently, KDF missions can start in any of the following sector blocks: Omega Leonis, Eta Eridani, Orellius, and Pi Canis. While we cannot promise anything for the immediate future, we will be looking at how we can allow Klingon Foundry missions to start from doors that exist beyond these 4 sectors, and hopefully to all the sectors that Klingons can currently visit.
So, hopefully in the future


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