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10-07-2012, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
there is no reason to run with anything other the one copy of RSP 1, ever.
green diapers are like training wheels.

EWP1 is nice for CC, Extend Shields is the best heal in game hands down.
Eng team three should be one default Lt.Cmd slot on most eng cruisers builds (like 99%).
Heres the thing, im running with the following abilities in this order for my Lt. Cmdr slot Boff, Emergency Power to Weapons (may change soon), Emergency Power to Shields and currently Reverse Shield Polarity, while another Engi boff has another Emergency Power to Shield ability, while one of my Science officers runs with Transfer Shield Strength I and I also have Polarize Hull. So im already reasonably durable even without Reverse Shield Polarity as the highest rank skill on my Engi, so what would be the best thing to replace that ability out of the abilities ive listed above?