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10-07-2012, 11:38 AM
How about Cryptic find ways to make STFs interesting and engaging enough where people want to stay and see it through?

If people leave something prematurely, it is either because something in real life demands their immediate attention, or whatever they were after either ceases to be obtainable, or they have obtained it and don't care about any other concern.

Real life demands cannot be helped. But the other issues are a matter of design.

Whatever is making people want to leave should be addressed. And if they are just doing it to be jerks, then penalize their account somehow. But that is one of those negatives about Free-to-play games. One account gets banned and the offender need only create a new account. And leveling happens so quickly in STO that before the ban on the first account is lifted, the new account will be maxed out, and they can be right back in there doing the same crap again.
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