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Originally Posted by masterramar View Post
Fake a DC? All they need to do on Crypics end is detect when a player gets DC by a time out. It's when it stops responding.

There is a way to determine when there is no response via time out then there is via lost connection.
Easy enough to fake a DC. Pull your modem cord. There is no way the system would know if it's an internet timeout (ie DC) or a client shut off.

STF's are interesting enough, it's people that see the optional gone then bail. I'm sorry if you don't want to finish the mission you deserve the timer. If you get a PUG group that doesn't know what they're doing and not listening and that frustrates you to no end? Simple answer for that:


There is dozens of channels that have people in there looking for groups all the time, fleets that have STF runs all the time etc.
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