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10-07-2012, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
Thanks, I'm glad you liked the changes. As far as the Hercules officers, just set a waypoint for your boffs far away from the battle so they can't help, and then the NPCs should be able to kill you.

I actually tried to make the Hercules officers a little more challenging by adding an extra ensign to the group, but they still didn't seem very formidable when I faced them. Probably hardly anyone will actually end up losing that fight so the thing I added won't really be seen by many, but oh well.

Explored the whole level this time, really like the new triggers (at least I think I found them all!) and lost against the Hercules officers and liked that addition you made

and yeah they're not really challenging when I first did it,I didn't even fire on them yet my boff's easily took care of them.