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Originally Posted by banzaizap View Post
For those of us who do use the bases, it's nice having a space with some character. Our fleet did not do the guards, banners, or any of them except the original open windows. This one, however, is a nice feature that feels useable. Not gameplay-functional useable (as all of these specials are cosmetic) but it becomes a place we actually want to meet at. For those who RP at all, it's even more of a good thing.

If I /em sit_Lounge in the right chair, I can rest my feet on the mugatoskin rug... Also, what's with the dance area? Maybe we'll get a pole decoration in the future? Betcha the Feds won't see that!
You've missed the point...

If you RP,why haven't you got the rest of the special projects? It's all immersive,they all cost the same...

For me,STO isn't about tables and chairs,i'm in a fleet,but I choose not to contribute to these special projects,I leave that to people who have the time and inclanation too.

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