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10-07-2012, 01:35 PM
Sorry, I don't think it's a problem that started with f2p... I think those fleets just try to get people that could contribute a few things to their fleetprojects. There are allready enough questions in DS9-Zone-Chat:"How do I leave my fleet?".

The whole fleet-advancement-system needs lots of goods, fleetmarks and personel. I'd guess Cryptic/Perfect World set the requirements too high. If you would need only 20 fleetmarks per project and less DOFFs, no fleet would have trouble to build up their starbases and do the projects.

I just think these random invite fleets are worse then any recruiting message. Somehow they should be stopped from recruiting that way, but how can they be stopped? Should a button "report spam" appear when somebody declines the third time within 30 minutes the invitation to the same fleet from the same guy?!? Should we be limited to 10 fleet-invites per hour?

A maximum of 10 fleet-invitations per hour wouldn't be a big problem, even for those people recruiting with messages via the chat...