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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Don't you get more inventory and free zone and other stuff as a gold ?
More inventory space? If you subscribe for a month you can unlock and keep that. It's not a perk you need to be "Gold" to have. Go Gold once and it's yours forever. It's a perk of subscribing once as opposed to a subscriber perk You can also buy it cheap from the CStore. So again, no, not really a subscription perk. And there's no "free zone". All zones and content are open to everyone.

Oh, one other thing Gold members get: a stipend of 1/3rd your monthly subscription in points. So 1/3rd your money's worth. Or in the case of an LTS 1/60th... so that LTS will pay for itself in, oh, about five years... which, let's be honest, the game isn't very likely to last for.

Well, I guess there's always the login queue priority. Except of course that's worthless because the only time there's ever a queue is when the servers are jam packed and getting so slammed that it's constantly crashing and making the game entirely unplayable anyway.

Which isn't to say that I support removing Gold members from the leaver penalty system. I don't. It would open things up to abuse. But make no mistake that the "perks" for going Gold that currently exist have been an absolute joke since F2P.

"...golds already get more than enough special treatment..."? Hardly.
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