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10-07-2012, 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Don't you get more inventory and free zen and other stuff as a gold ?

But I agree gold members should be spoiled I couldn't agree more, personally I'd give lifers access to everything in the game no grinding as they bought everything.

However letting them have power over what missions go down the drain and what not is just crazy talk, you really trust people to not abuse it royally ?

And I don't what's going on at your pc but whenever I crash and reload STO it just puts me back on the same map I crashed on.

yes gold members do need something as they only get free 500 zen and a tick on the vet counter.. hardly worth 15$ a month to me.

this isnt it tho..

to fix people leaving they should do away with cool down timers on mission completion
that way they wont complain about not getting the crappy optional. they just try again.

cool down timers are a real nuisance anyway.

leaver penalty yes..
cool downs no..