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10-07-2012, 02:57 PM

We as a fleet have been in talks with a gaming community that was looking for an STO fleet to join their group.

After several conversations we have joined forces and are now Foreign Skies fleet flying under the Sentinel Gaming banner. A community comprised of several different games.

A bit about Sentinel Gaming:

Originally Posted by Sentinel Gaming site
Mission Statement:

Sentinel Gaming was founded upon the idea of stress-free gaming. We encourage all gamers to play and work together to create a relaxed environment in which we grow and game peacefully. We do not tolerate immature people and/or individuals who think it is o.k. to display racism, sexism, or any kind of language that might be offensive to one another. We as a community believe that the success of our gaming community will come forth from a relaxed, fun environment in which we never over work our staff or in any circumstance, disturb our community member's overall gaming experience.

Founder's Story:

Sentinel Gaming's history at this time is quite short but yet filled a surprisingly large amount of excitement. Sentinel Gaming was founded by SecreT and Hydro, two men with over two years of experience in the field of community management. SecreT and Hydro worked together at a closely related community called "Tactical Carnage" which fell apart only weeks before the opening of Sentinel Gaming. Throughout their work with Tactical Carnage they became very good friends and dreamed about creating their own community with different long-term goals than their current community. After the collapse of Tactical Carnage they decided to put their ideas to action, creating their website, creating their teamspeak3 client, and constantly encouraging members and other communities to join. Both owners now have their dreams set to create the most relaxed, fun, energetic community on the face of the earth one member at a time.

To check out their site go to:

With this alliance we now have a section for us on their TS3 server as well as their forums. If anyone has any questions or would like to join Foreign Skies, please feel free to post here or you can reach any of our command staff in game via mail or a /tell. Below you will find our command staff in game @ handles.

Command Staff:
@Capt.Spade - Fleet Admiral, Commanding Officer
@RavingUbik - Vice Admiral, Executive Officer (1st Officer)
@bolbod - Vice Admiral (2nd Officer)
@Malfurax45  - "Gunny" Tactical/Security Division Officer