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10-07-2012, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by cptrichardson12 View Post
Still trying to figure out how this thing is actually going to be statted.

10 consoles is a given, likely with 3/3/4.
I'm banking on it having 9, then "down the road" they'll release a CStore variant and a Fleet Version, and the Fleet Version will have 10... and the Veteran Version won't count toward the Fleet Version.

Obviously I'm not expecting any of it's stats to be on a par with the Fleet Vessels. Cryptic is trying to make a living selling ships now, and I honestly don't believe they count subscription fees (be it monthly or LTS) as a substitute. If they did Vet Tokens would probably count toward the Fleet Galaxys, Intrepids and Defiants.

I think these ships will probably be "interesting" but I seriously doubt they'll be competitive with Fleet ships.
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