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Originally Posted by happyhappyj0yj0y View Post
I'm banking on it having 9, then "down the road" they'll release a CStore variant and a Fleet Version, and the Fleet Version will have 10... and the Veteran Version won't count toward the Fleet Version.

Obviously I'm not expecting any of it's stats to be on a par with the Fleet Vessels. Cryptic is trying to make a living selling ships now, and I honestly don't believe they count subscription fees (be it monthly or LTS) as a substitute. If they did Vet Tokens would probably count toward the Fleet Galaxys, Intrepids and Defiants.

I think these ships will probably be "interesting" but I seriously doubt they'll be competitive with Fleet ships.
Why? To get the ship, you have to pay something around 300-600 dollars. It has to be at least lockbox grade, and that's before the 'modes' are taken into account.

Half the point of this ship is to be the 'shining light at the end of the road' for subscribers, something to KEEP them subscribed. So, it has to at least match the top ship in the game, or slightly exceed it. It's going to be rarer than Bugs, and it is only fitting that it be slightly more powerful, if not very more powerful (which would be a nice incentive).

That way they can release a crappier Cryptic take on the design that's T5 in stats (instead of T6 or something) that'll make people go for that as an interm item.

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