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"A warrior questions everything and everyone. But he does not question in order to challenge, he questions in order to learn."

We are the Klingon side of the Firefly Fleet. We are a mature, casual group of gamers with a love of Sci Fi in general and of things Star Trek and Firefly related in particular (though you don't have to be a fan to join). Check us out at the Firefly website and if you think we might be what you're looking for post in the application thread of the forum. Or just drop by and say hi.

P.S. Reavers are NOT required to eat the flesh of their foes or wear their skin... but, in combat, it can be helpful if your enemies THINK you will

Remember... they can't take the sky from us!
*STO* Itís mission: To destroy strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations... and then kill them, to boldly annihilate what no one has annihilated before!