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5th Victrix Wolves is recruiting new and old players alike. The fleet is newly formed 4 days ago, but we have made significant progress in those days. We put this fleet together so that we could have fun in game. We like to have fun with members and not always be serious and have members grinding all day without any appreciation. If you are tired of being overrun and underused in your current fleet, then we are the fleet for you. Everyone in our fleet works together and we all contribute to fleet resources.

We accept all player types, and all ranks. There is no limits or restraints in our fleet. We help you with what ever aspect of the game that you are interested in. Our members honestly keep me laughing all day long, they are a great group of people and we are fortunate to have put together something we all care very deeply about.

This fleet is active and we are too proud of what we have done this far to let ourselves die out like other smaller fleets. We are looking to gain new members that like to have fun in game also. We also look into other fleets that have died out, and take on players that are willing to join. If your fleet is at a stand still and you think you would be interested contact us in game.

We do have a Ventrilo server up and running for all those that like to voice chat in game.

We are in the process of working on our website.

We did not create this fleet half haphazardly, all fleet leaders put in a lot of thought and ideas. We also accept any suggestions from all our members. We don't pretend to know everything, but we are learning and improving with the passing of each hour.

If this sounds like a group that you would like to join, then we would be happy to have you, we treat all members with the respect that they deserve.

To join or for more info you can contact matthew@dannie_cz, nicole'Rae@nicolerae31. Feel free to pm us or email us with any questions or concerns about anything

Thank you, 5th Victrix Fleet Leaders