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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
To start off, not sure if serious, or trolling.

Now then...

It stacks 8 times, up to 2 power per stack, capping at up to 16. In turn, the person being drained cannot be drained more than 16, even if being shot at by multiple ships using PL. But each person can still gain up to the plus 16 energy across the board regardless. On top of that, the power drain can be resisted.

So, I believe it is balanced with the rest of the game, since the Federation has things like MACO shields, which can gain up to 10 power per system, for a total of 40, only needing to be shot at to work, and requiring no skill points to use.

MACO is generally considered overpowered as well, since it's gained from an STF, requires no skill points to use, gives guaranteed power level, with ironically a good means to counter it: Plasmonic Leech. (Although other things can work too)

So, yes, it could be overpowered and unbalanced in the eyes of some people, but it's balanced in the larger scheme of things, because BOTH sides have really powerful advantages.

Besides all that, Plasmonic Leech has been nerfed, buffed, broken, and fixed so many times it's a far far thing from what it originally was anyway, and it really needs no more changes.

In short: IT'S FINE.
Lol sure.

Leech console: -32 total power settings to your opponent (halved the value for resistances) AND +64 total power settings to yourself.

MACO shields: +40 total power settings to yourself.

Yeah. Those 2 effects are clearly balanced. LOL.

And don't go pretending the MACO requirement that you get shot is easier to fill than you simply having to fire your weapons. You know thats bull.