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Originally Posted by happyhappyj0yj0y View Post
Uh... huh?

Are you referring to the Chimera that isn't out yet and isn't canon nor present in any game material and thus hardly a hero ship? Or the Yacht that is vastly less popular than the Delta, and doesn't perform as well?

Because that's what the Golds get that Silvers don't.

They also get access to the Galaxy-R, Intrepid-R and Defiant-R I suppose... in a limited fashion... after being subscribed for 600 Days... which would be around a $300 cost there. All three would run a Silver Player only $60... 1/5th the Gold cost, and they'd get full access across all characters as opposed to the limited variety the Vet Program provides, and of course the Silver Player would get the ability to unlock Fleet versions for $5 each as opposed to $20 each... a benefit the Veteran Token does not offer.
What is this Chimera you speak of, as far as I'm aware the 1000 day reward ships haven't been announced?

On the lifetime part, sure when your first purchase the lifetime account you fork out alot. But once you do you get free zen, and after a while it pays for itself. Eventually the game will be free and you get $5 worth of free zen.