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Very nice guide, well done. Another small tip for Infected Space. I've noticed that no one tells STF beginners about the 10% Rule and it is a good thing to learn early on. It is the main strategy used in the Infected Space STF.

All you have to do is the following:

After you destroy the first cube and two spheres and go to one of the sides, have each person target a different Nanite Generator and shoot it until its health is at approximately 10%. Once you get it that low, stop shooting until everyone else gets their generator to around the same percent. Once all four of them are down to that level, destroy them all at the same time and then have everyone target and destroy the transformer.

When you destroy a generator, it spawns borg ships that come out of the gate. There are two types of probes and spheres that are spawned, your basic borg probe or sphere and Nanite Probes and Nanite Spheres. If one of the Nanite Probes or Nanite Spheres heals the transformer before you destroy it, you will lose the optional objective. By following this simple plan, borg ships will not spawn until all the generators are gone, giving the team enough time to concentrate and destroy the transformer before they get in range to try to heal it.

Now sometimes mistakes are made and someone gets a critical hit and blows up their generator early. There are easy ways to avoid this. When you reach 20% don't shoot torpedos anymore, just use your beams and/or cannons. This will slow done the damage making it easier to control while giving you time to allow your offensive skills (i.e. Beam Overload, Cannon Rapid Fire and such) to recharge so that when they are all brought down you'll have them ready to use on the transformer.

See it is a very simple plan and if done properly you'll get the optional objective every time. I hope this helps all you beginners out there and also anyone else who has not heard of this tactic before.

Happy Hunting!

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