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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Just like the Nebula is a weak excuse for a science ship, the Galaxy-R has become a weak excuse for a cruiser, and a big waste of money because the Devs hate TNG, so cripple those ships to make them laughing stalks of STO.
Seriously I cant even believe that you think that the Nebula Class is a weak excuse for a science ship... you must have NEVER played a Science Captain or truly USED a Nebula Class,

I fly the Nebula, I understand that it is a science ship and therefor not going to put out the DPS that an Escort of the same Quality (I have the Fleet Nebula now) but to say its a weak excuse for a science ship is laughable at best you obviously do not know how to make it work for you (thats ok it might not fit with your playstyle) I have found the Nebula and then the Fleet nebula to be VERY effective in STF's and PVP, apparently it is dangerous enough that I eventually become the focus of the ENTIRE opposing team in PVP, as for it being a Poor Excuse for a science ship I just dont see it.. I log in and get asked if I want to pvp when I ask what ship I should bring the answer is always the same... "bring the Nebula"

it is in my opinion that most of you that cry and whine about how this ship or that ship is OP and that they need to fix this ship or that to bring it up to the power level of the current Pay To Win ships, have never really sat down and experimented with or worked on creating a build that can and will work.... I recently posted TWO Nebula builds that work EXTREMELY well in PVP and with the swapping of a BOFF also works well in STF's

as I have said many times its not the ship[ its user error...