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Originally Posted by kaeaja View Post
Im using a Science Ship, not an escort or Cruiser. This science ship im using allows me to fly with 2 Emergency Power to Shields, a Transfer Shield Strength and a Science Team as well as Polarize Hull. Will all that defensive ability isnt Reverse Shield Polarity a bit on the overkill side?
For PVE using 3 piece borg, probably. For PVP not at all.

In PVE I'd prefer Aux2Stru over RSP on a sci ship but's only because an Aux based heal and DR buff every 15 seconds really helps keep that weak hull healthy. For PVP I'd either be in an escort where RSP is much handier or a cruiser where having RSP and Aux2Str is just good sense.

If you're flying an Atrox or Tholian running EPtS1, RSP1, Aux2Str2 would probably give you the best of both worlds even if I'd prefer a higher EPtS.

P.S. Eject Warp Plasma and Gravity well are a nice combo for a nimble sci ship to abuse.