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I'm glad you noticed that. I went about setting this up trying to think like a good little Ferengi. How do you entice people to buy things they normally wouldn't? You drop little extra goodies in there!
Call me naive but i like it if a company is honest to me. That way i can trust them much more and i would stay much longer as if i would feel cheated. But that's just my opinion, i know that many of todays companies act more like you suggested.

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How about this as an alternative?
  • Fed pack gets the belt and combadge, KDF bonus is new belts (smilarly themed but distinct male and female versions).
  • KDF pack gets the sash and pads, Fed bonus is "2409 VISOR".
Much better IMO!
As you know the belt and combadge belong together way too much, but making the VISOR a "bonus" is a nice idea!

Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
The trouble with this, for me, is I don't see how KDF belts and a visor are enough incentive to buy the other. Sure the module sweetens the pot, but is that enough? At least with matching pieces in both bundles, the draw is more obvious.
How about adding a special "stance" or a alternative transporter effect?

I would love to see Idea 1 to be realized.

I also like your second idea, but it think there need to be some restrictions.
For example, how many times can one buy that upgrade (once per tier, or each upgrade once per tier?).

Sorry i can't write as much as i would want but i feel terrible today that flu is getting me down.

Thank you for reading or ignoring, depending on who you are.
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