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10-07-2012, 10:37 PM
DEM is a really crummy ability. Unless you were wanting to alpha strike someone with three System Engineering DOFFs, don't worry about it.

EWP is good if you are wanting another crowd control ability, certainly a wise choice indeed, and highly recommended.

Extend Shields at any rank is a great ability, period. It's an amazing thing if a team has good teamwork and such, but if you are pugging things, don't expect any gratitude from using it on others.

Aux to Structural is also a good choice, especially if you are running medium-to-high aux power. It only has a 15 second cooldown, so you can use it quite quickly. You can also give it to others.

So...basically it boils down to:

A CC ability
A shield resist/regen buff for an ally
A hull heal and damage resist buff for you or an ally.

Whichever you want most, is what you should go with.

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