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Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
That's purely subjective and doesn't prove anything. There have been no announced changes to the Galaxy-R recently, and I seriously doubt that any of the devs have touched at all recently, what with all the cries of neglect about it.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a few reasons why you might be finding it harder. Here are just a few possibilities:
  • the mobs you are fighting might have been buffed and it might be harder for everyone, not just you.
  • you could have just been unluckier than usual with damage and crits
  • you might be fighting different sorts of enemies in those fleet missions. If someone has a higher tier base that the mission is being based off of, you can fight more difficult enemies such as Borg or Tholians
  • your teams in the past might have been better team players and supporters

As a side note, my engineer flies a Galaxy-R as her primary ship, and I haven't noticed that I'm having a harder time fighting NPCs.
I find all this rather Amusing since i pulled my Galaxy-R outa mothballs just the other day for old time sake. I have been in game since launch and I can fly and keep anyship alive in a long drawn out fight or a short one. The Key here is gear. If you dont have good gear you die. I saucer sep all the time and go head to head with multiple people in cross faction fleet pvp. These people are good because we fight to stalemates more often than not. We do this nightly for me to pull a ship out that i havent flown in over a year because i have been flying a Defiant that doubles as a tank thats right I tank an escort in 2 on 1 pvp and last 5 or more min. Again I say its all about the gear, the keybinds and well hate to say it the player. In not trying to start a fight but sir the Galaxy-R is a mighty fine ship in the hands of someone like me. She is easy to fly and not so easy to kill find me in game and Ill tell you how to set her up so you dont keep dieing
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