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there are 2 types of fleet ships, those that are based off ships that were at tier 5 when the fleet system was introduced, and those that are not. the first type, like the fleet patrol, fleet vorcha and the like have higher then standard shield mods. when checked, no mater what the shield you check it with the shield mod is correct.

the other type of ships, the originally tier 2 and 3 ships, well they are tricky. they come with a lower then normal shield mod, but they also have a hidden bonus shield mod as well, so when you attempt to calculate the actual shield mod, its different for every shield. thats because this hidden bonus is on a curve, and the curve favors low capacity shields.

so, figuring out exactly what this hidden bonus is would be next to impossible on our end. here are some actual findings in numbers. these were done on ships with no capacity boosting consoles and 9 to the shield hitpoint skill tree skill. first i'll mention my fleet ktinga and fleet heavy cruiser have the exact same mod and exact same curved bonus mod, the omega and borg shields both had the same per faceing numbers

base line vorcha R with 1.0 shield mod

mkXII KHG tool tip: 8431.5
mkXII KHG per faceing: 10961

mkXI omega tool tip: 6259
mkXI omega per faceing: 8137

borg tool tip: 5250
borg per faceing: 6825

fleet vorcha with 1.1 shield mod

mkXII KHG tool tip: 9724.6
mkXII KHG per faceing: 12057- 1.09999 mod

mkXI omega tool tip: 6885.4
mkXI omega per faceing: 8951- 1.10004 mod

borg tool tip: 5775
borg per faceing: 7507- 1.09993 mod

(there is a decimal point not displayed in the UI, effecting the math)

it showing a ~1.1 shield mod across the board tells me that its not the skill tree skill points effecting things on the tier 2&3 fleet ships. now here is were it gets real interesting

fleet ktinga with a listed .94 shield mod

mkXII KHG tool tip: 8004.2
mkXII KHG per faceing: 11780- 1.07472 mod

mkXI omega tool tip: 5920.2
mkXI omega per faceing: 9071- 1.11475 mod, a bit more then fleet vorcha

borg tool tip: 4950
borg per faceing: 7810- 1.14432 mod, a bit more then fleet vorcha

decided to give the omega shield a try, the gap between the capacity on the vorcha is 3106, but on the ktinga its only 2709, a 397 capacity difference. time to run infected elite again

gravametic anchor is awesome by the way, never looked into it much but in addition to making you unable to turn for 10 seconds, it lowers defense score by 50! so yes, when you see me dump plasma wile we fly strait at each other, you will in fact be flying directly into it

for more data, here's my non fleet somraw retrofit, listed 0.65 shield mod

mkXII KHG tool tip: 5582
mkXII KHG per faceing: 8820- .80467 mod

mkXI omega tool tip: 4119
mkXI omega per faceing: 6917- .85007 mod

borg tool tip: 3437
borg per faceing: 6037- .88366 mod

1903 hitpoint difference between KHG and omega here

and here's how the shields are on a a normal qin with an .83 mod across the board to compare to the somraw

mkXII KHG tool tip: 7026
mkXII KHG per faceing: 9134- .83332 mod

mkXI omega tool tip: 5216
mkXI omega per faceing: 5687- .83335 mod

borg tool tip: 4375
borg per faceing: 5687- .83326 mod

(math effected by undisplayed decimal point again)

as you can see, tier 2 and 3 fleet ships definitely favor lower capacity shields, even surpassing their superior tier 5 fleet ship bretheran, if my fleet vorcha is any baseline.

just thought i would post about this, my testing has definitely effected my shield choice, at least on the kdf side. i think this is a good indication that the fleet bops will have a much nicer total shield capacity then it has listed at the very least, and all those somraws, sabers, novas, etc... are more then viable ships for use. i would DEFINITELY chose a fleet saber over a fleet patrol now, provided its maco hitpoints are higher. the 'apparent' shield mod on my mkXI maco fleet heavy cruiser is 1.10595, when .94 is its listed.

this is why this information is important, and why i choose to provide it, with it who would opt for a fleet patrol over a fleet saber?
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