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10-08-2012, 03:54 AM
I'm glad you have put your episdoes up again. I had played through Deriliction Duty before, but the rest had gone by the time I got round to going for Atlas Affair. I played through DD again last night, to recap myself for the rest, and I thought the Atlas looked different. I didn't go exploring like I did last time though, as I wasn't aware there had been changes. Though now I'm tempted to. Feedback of what I did note though, the corridors look a lot better with those panels. The banners and warmap in the briefing helped to add the feeling that this was a command ship, and though only small changes, really made the thing feel more like a starship. I'm afraid I didn't notice any other changes, though it was a few months between the two playthroughs.

If I may ask, which assets did you use for the panels and walls? I'm in the middle of creating a galaxy class interior as well, though it wont be as expansive as yours, and would really like it to have that shiny factor.

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