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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
If only they had went with a real hardpoint system instead of this simplistic front/rear stuff they could have had near infinite ship variability without having to resort to either:

a.) everything feeling the same, or
b.) odious power creep, or
c.) weird convoluted differentiators.

Maybe it's not too late to change to something more SFC-like. It's a problem that will only get bigger as time goes on after all. Ideally they would just copy-paste the basically perfect system from Starship Creator.
ya actual hardpoints would have been awesome, they worked great in star trek legacy, after a TON of moding. at the very least side weapons, now they are proboly going to release 1 ship with side weapons and its gonna be terrible.

a slider for how strong we want certain shield facings would be nice too, being able to set 115% up front and 95 everywhere else for example. i remember the SFC games having different strengths for different facings.

i loved geeking out in starship creator, i should reload that. they wouldn't even need to do that though, just taking the space part of the skill tree and putting it in the ship costume screen so you can change around your ship's equipment (skills and the skill points in them) as you see fit. it wouldn't be a respec, it would be a refit. and it wouldn't cost zen to do, which is STUPID for how needed it is if you adjust your build.
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