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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
The factors many of you calculator nerds arnt
Putting into your math make drastic changes
I'n space warfare

Speed fast verses slow

Maneuverability a lot verses a little

Engineer I'n a engineering ship

Saucer separation maneuverability increases
Really are a illusion because if your destroyed
You have it reattached with a 5 minute cool down
Your back to a 6 maneuverability

Engineer gets 1 buff to damage 34% it's fleet II with
A 5 minute cooldown

My Tac flying the same ship have 5 buffs to damage
On my phone can't check and be sure on that.but the
Damage increase from using my Tac I'n the same ship
Same layout is a huge increase I'n damage

The character needing damage increases are the
Engineer I'n his engineering ship.the need to be tied
To both so other classes using the improvements don't unbalance
The ships

My science character I'n her science ship cranks
Out more Dps than my engineer And can tank better
The only thing the engineer can do better is extend
Shields and aux/sif

The engineer I'n his ship needs some serious
Upgrades and being a heal bot with a BB gun
That's slow un maneuverable
Isn't enough
and what you don't include here, what we "calculator nerds" actually do is the far superior surviveability of an engi captain...combined with cruiser setup makes your saucer sep oddy a hard target to destroy. so the argument, that after you die you are stuck without it is the actual illusion, because you shouldn't die in this 5 minutes.

the actual 2 dmg buffs are nadion inversion...keeps power high while shooting multiple weapons
and the power increase skill, that adds manuverability through higher engine power, higher resistance on shields, higher weapon power = more dmg
(and i don't even know what you mean by fleet fleet? then you are wrong. If you mean fleet support, there is no second version and it is a obsolete skill anyway...can't really be taken into account)

ofcourse your tac has 4 damage increase skills AP:A, go down fighting, fire on my mark and the tactical fleet buff...and no skill that adds to surviveability...thats intended you know.

your sci char does certainly not tank better, sci have 2 resistance buffs, but no actual heal. The engi has a resi buff, a shield heal which adds resi to shields, and a "ohh ****" instant omni heal.

so all your arguments are basically not true, or misunderstood. the engi is actually a heal bot and has a pure dmg buff (nadion inversion)
the ability to increase powerlevels makes the engi actually a good choice for any sci vessel, since higher aux means more CC and DMG through sci powers.

if you do not like to play an engi in a cruiser, don't do it. if you can't make it work don't expect nobody else can.
resently had an 1vs1 encounter with a tac in a regent...i was with my engi in a oddy starcruiser (the free one)
nobody got killed (not enough burst dmg obviously), but i did a 100k more dmg and 200k more healing, thats what higher powerlevels mean compared to short dmg buffs.
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