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Originally Posted by obsidiusrex View Post
The fact is: fleets take up database space. The purpose of a fleet is for a group of players to form a sub community. If every player had his or her own fleet, it would increase database overhead per character exponentially. It's also the reason why a player has only a handful of character slots, given everything that is stored for single character (ships, BOffs, DOffs, inventory, bank, mail, mission logs, etc.).
Thats debatable, I don't see how single player fleets is the monster of database space - the game has larger issues than mere database space, for instance the serious need to upgrade their server (which ain't going to happen) - Also by your logic they should also restrict character slots to about 4 to ease database space and/or load time slow downs due to character switching.

Originally Posted by obsidiusrex View Post
If you are going to try to advance a starbase with one person, it would be so prodigiously slow as to be ineffectual. You'd be lucky to make SB Level 2 in a year solo, never mind trying to get a Tier 4 Shipyard to unlock certain ships, or ranking other tiers to open up starbase contacts & vendors.
False - I have 2 single player fleets solely for alt storage since I have so many characters - that is aside from the main fleet I belong to. I am half way to tier 3 on both alt fleets and it took me about 2 and 1/2 months - of course I admit my many alts surely helped in that process.

Fleets isn't a problem for this game - and people who argue against one man fleets stating that it should disband if there aren't at least 2 players in it are silly. Probably folks who want their own fleet roster filled, especially now that Fleets are actually in demand for membership to acquire resources for tier progression.

Funny, I tried some other fleet awhile ago that allowed fleet contribution to their projects - GUESS What - their settings for those allowed to buy from the fleet store were set to senior Officer and above.

In other words you are a slaved in your contributions, and if you're deemed worthy - then they give you permission to buy from your own fleet store. They need to revamp it to be either player specific or allow players to buy when they have contributed a set amount of contributions towards fleet projects.