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Originally Posted by grylak View Post
If I may ask, which assets did you use for the panels and walls? I'm in the middle of creating a galaxy class interior as well, though it wont be as expansive as yours, and would really like it to have that shiny factor.

The walls are Wall - Generic Ship 03, and Wall - Door 01 (non-opening), or the other Wall - Doors (opening). You can mix those two types of walls (and basically have to since there is no matching non-door version of the door walls).

There are some tricks you need to know though. Each wall piece should be offset by 9.2 for them to fit together seamlessly. What I mean by that is if your first wall piece is at X = 0, then your second wall needs to be at X = 9.2. You also need to change the other coordinates (in this case Z) by .001 to make it so there isn't geometry fighting between the two walls (just alternate back and forth, ex: 10, 10.001, 10, 10.001).

If you were setting them on the opposite axis you'd change the Z value from 0 to 9.2 for the second wall, and then change the X value by .001.

At each corner, you adjust the X and Z values both by 4.53 (instead of 4.6, which is exactly half of 9.2). This minimizes the jutting of the corners. However, this slightly different value can end up causing things to end up getting slightly out of alignment over the course of an entire deck, so you have to be careful.

If you want the light stripe to line up, you need to offset the Y values of the walls like this:

Wall - Door 01: Y = 0
Wall - Door 02 (thru 08): Y = 0.08 (yes, the opening doors don't line up with the closed one )
Wall - Generic Ship 03: Y = -1.15

The panels are Console - Wall Panel 01 (the ones used for the console stripe). I think that's what you were asking about, but just in case I also used these in other places: Console - Wall 04 (large purplish monitor), Console - Generic Ship S 01 and Console - Generic Ship S 02 are the small and medium greenish monitors.

I hope this made sense. The whole thing is kind of convoluted and there's a lot to have to remember.

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