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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
/yawn. Then, as an escort pilot, you simply outtank the damage of the cruiser (what is very easy) and wait until your abilities come back. Simply allocate energy to engine and shields, keep flying at maximum speed, stay in the back of the cruiser so only 4 beam arrays can target you. If the cruiser alpha strikes, use RSP1 or evasive manouvers, or brace for impact with 3 blue or purple DOs.
Right, the escort will use all those heal powers, then will be naked for almost a full minute. Even assuming the escort has TT up with 100% uptime, AND the escort has capped shield resistance all the time, a mere 2700 dps is enough to knock down the shields before the heal cycle starts over again. If you have a spike damage power, like say Beam Overload, you use it then, and you get some solid damage on to the hull. Now the escort uses it's ONE hull heal (since it is using Eng slots for Epwr Shields and RSP), and the cycle repeats, but each time, you get the escort a little lower on health. That's why it's a grind - a cruiser can slowly, slowly reduce an escort by just barely out-damaging it's healing - it might take 5 minutes to win, but the cruiser can do it.