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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
So why would Beam Arrays under this buffing still get 270 degree firing arc? How is that fair to the game?

Which is only a little below existing DBBs in damage {287DPV (229DPS)}.

Its not a fair fix at all.
And this is not helpful either, I suggested also in the same post a slightly lower firing arc which says you are only looking at my suggested damage figures, DBBs are impractical on your average cruiser anyway due to their arc.

I also specifically asked that you should play with my figures to make them more viable if you feel that they aren't, I'm suggesting figures for people to debate, play with but more importantly making them work within the current game system, if you think the suggested damage is too high for the arc then by all means suggest a smaller damage figure and or a smaller arc, I'm not saying that cruisers should be as powerful as escorts, heck they aren't capable of it even with a tac at the helm, what I am suggesting is that we should raise their damage a little.

As for you asking how I think it's fair, you can get 4 DBBs on a ship so you can fire all of those off for more damage than 6 BAs whereas 6 BAs doing my suggested figures will still do less damage per beam (especially under the power drain of 6 beams rather than 4) but more (on both damage and drain) with all of them going, heck you could add a couple more points of power drain if you want (although that would likely negate the whole thing).

Basically what I did was put forth some figures, my calculations and my reasoning and then asked you lot to play with that and make it better for everyone

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